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Can you guess which of these two characters is dead? Check the bottom of the page for the answer!

A character who is one of The Undead will have pale, corpselike skin. Even people who were dark skinned in life will have skin that looks drained of blood and oddly bluish under the tan. A living character with Undeathly Pallor can be a necromancer, infernalist, or somehow in the thrall of the undead. Say, by being under ghostly Demonic Possession or The Renfield who is fed vampire blood.

This trope is so common it's usually a (pun intended) dead giveaway that something is wrong with Steve / Mary when they suddenly show up this shade of pale. Smart characters (let alone the Genre Savvy) will have their Not a Zombie sense ping them as being "somehow off". Which of course makes the aversion of this trope a #1 priority on every smart undead's list of Masquerade reinforcing tricks. Undead who subvert this trope tend to be more dangerous for being indistinguishable from the living.

Of course, they might just be a really Eerie Pale-Skinned Brunette (or blond/redhead etc.) who gets incessantly bugged about this. Not to be confused with Evil Albino (though both can overlap for undead bonus points).

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Answer: It's Emily, the girl on the right!
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