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Court Episode
An episode(s) take place in a courtroom.
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Often times (much to the characters involved) they happen to get a jury duty letter and are often assigned to be a member of the jury or have to go to court for legal reasons. This is often used as a Filler Episode. Also because of the natures of the shows, TV shows like Judge Joe Brown, Judge Judy, Eye For An Eye are not to be added for obvious reasons

Live-Action TV

  • Series/Monk: Monk and Natalie get jury duty letters but only Natalie is excused and Monk is forced to be in the jury.
  • Series/Charmed: Phoebe is assigned to jury duty when a man supposedly kills a woman Phoebe summons the spirit of the girl and she revaeals it wasn't him. Leo then uses a special type of magic to erase the members of the jury's memories of magic ever existing


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