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No New Wars In The Future
All Sci-fi seems to have had no wars since modern day unless they are directly relevant to the plot.
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In the future it seems that there have been no wars since modern day, unless they are directly involved with the plot. Characters hundreds of years in the future will still reference Hitler and World War II, but there seem to have been no wars in the time between now and whenever the setting is. This usually arises due to the fact that setting up the story for a whole war that isn't directly relevant to the plot would feel like being Trapped by Mountain Lions.

  • In Ender's game, the character's commonly make references to World War II and the first two formic wars that are intertwined with the plot.
  • Averted in the In Death series. The "Urban Wars" took place about twenty years before the events of the books, and they are often mentioned in passing.
  • Averted in Star Trek. They explicitly mention the Eugenics Wars of the '90s, World War III in the mid 21st century, the Romulan War of the late 22nd century, and so forth.
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