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Rising from the Ashes
You've lost everything. Time to take it all back and more.
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What happens when the world is yours... and then you lose it?

Sometimes, a man rises to power. He has everything he could possibly want. A nice house, a loving family, and the most powerful crime organization in the world. But something happens and it's all snatched away from him. So what does he do? Admit defeat and wallow in despair? Sure, it's an option. Or he could buckle down and rebuild, becoming more powerful than he ever was.


Anime & Manga
  • Happens late in the second season of Code Geass: after uniting half the world under his banner as Zero, Lelouch is outmaneuvered by Schneizel and betrayed by his own Black Knights. After settling the score with his father, he then takes over the Britannian Empire (i.e. the other half of the world) and proceeds to wage war on the Black Knights.

  • In The Count of Monte Cristo (and its various movie adaptations), the plot focuses on a young and successful sailor who is wrongfully imprisoned, escapes from jail, acquires a fortune and sets about getting revenge on those responsible for his imprisonment.
  • Part of the main theme of Memory by Los Mc Master Bujold. Miles screws up, lies about it, is caught, and stripped off most everything he values. Then he finds a mystery to unravel, and manages to both really find himself and get a new job requiring even more responsibility.

Video Games
  • The premise of Scarface: The World is Yours. In a World where druglord Tony Montana survived the hit that Alejandro Sosa put on him, Tony finds himself taking up regufe in some hidden away shack for three months, before deciding to take back his mansion and slowly work up from the bottom once again, until his new empire rules all of Miami unrivalled.
  • This happens twice in Saints Row. After the Saints are disbanded in the three year gap between the first two games, the Playa decides to re-found the gang as their new leader. Later on, come ''Saints Row: The Third, and the Saints are international celebrities, only to be rendered bankrupt by The Syndicate. Once again, the Boss must re-organize the Saints in Steelport.
  • The whole point of Starcraft II Heart Of The Swarm is about a De-Powered Kerrigan trying to rebuild the Zerg Swarm and restaure her power. By the end, both the Swarm and herself have grown stronger than they ever were before.

Web Comics
  • General Tarquin from The Order of the Stick]] was once the ruler of one of the Western Continent's many desert kingdoms, but didn't last a year before his nation was conquered by another warlord and he was forced to flee for his life. Now he's a mercenary general in the employ of one of the continent's largest empires, with all the respect and prestige his position affords him, and is secretly controlling the empire's Puppet Empress, as well as the rulers of two other empires, to set him and his allies up as the de facto rulers of the southern half of the continent.

Western Animation
  • The Simpsons: Mr. Burns loses his fortune in the stock market and is forced to sell the nuclear plant, leaving him destitute. Lisa convinces him to start recycling in order to earn a few cents here and there; he ends up with a plant "recycling" marine animals into Li'l Lisa brand Slurry.

Real Life
  • Napoleon Bonaparte defines this trope. He rose from a very minor Corsican noble family to general and emperor, then all of the old European elites united to depose him, and exiled him on the island of Elbe. He escapes and re-installs himself as emperor in just a few days - basically the time to travel from Elbe to Paris.
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