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Midnight Mayhem
An importamt event in a work of fiction that involves midnight somehow.
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You've seen it done before. A LOT. Wehther it's a dance of some sort, a Halloween party, or just... something that involves the night, that fateful moment where the sun is down and both hands on the clock are pointing upwards just has something special about it. So something will happen. ALWAYS.


Fairy Tales
  • Cinderella: The titular heroine (and her ride) turn back to normal when the clock strikes twelve. Later adaptations try to justify this, such as one Rugrats parody of the story making the fairy godmother very young.

Western Animation
  • Lampshaded in the Halloween special for American Dragon: Jake Long. One of the characters literally calls the huntsman out on their cliche.

Real Life
  • New Years, obviously.
  • There are certain cultures and cults that believe that midnight is when the veil separating the worlds of the living and the dead is at its thinnest.

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