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Rich Person Only In It For The Money
A Villain is Only In It For The Money, despite being already rich,
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Only in It for the Money is one of the standard motivations for villains. And it's a simple one most people can comprehend. Then you get villains who are rich: The Corrupt Corporate Executive, the Diabolical Mastermind, etc... And you see them throw vast amounts of resources into a project. All for what? More money! It can get either comical or Fridge Logic when the money the person stands to gain is far less than their current worth or the amount they must have spent on their scheme so far.

  • Played For Laugh in Austin Powers: Dr Evil's first scheme involves him asking for a million dollar (As he's unaware of inflation). Number 2 points out that Dr Evil's legitimate business are worth several billions, and that in fact the whole "Evil Mastermind" thing is proving financially disastrous and they could just go legit. Which Dr. Evil can't accept doing.
  • Lampshaded by The Nostalgia Critic during his review of The Avengers. The villain's motivation is money, despite the fact that he's already rich, living in a mansion with an elaborate underground lair, and was rich enough to to fund his weather control machine, armies of robotic bees, lifelike robot duplicate of Mrs. Peel.
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