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Wham Line

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The single-line equivalent of a Wham Episode, where a single line of dialogue comes from out of nowhere and changes the situation drastically.

  • Haruhi Suzumiya: "...that's why I'm going to kill you and see how Miss Suzumiya reacts!"
  • Code Geass: "For example, if I told you to kill all the Japanese, it wouldn't matter how you felt about it."
  • Chapter 11 of Watchmen. You know the line.
  • Some others I forgot.

Some examples that I don't think should qualify are "Do you like me?" or anything to do with the big reveal in Fight Club. Too spread-out.
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  • October 13, 2009
    A Song Of Ice And Fire princess Arianne asking her father what he's after. "Justice, vengeance, Fire and Blood.
  • October 13, 2009
    D. Gibbons is a bad man.
  • October 13, 2009
    Unknown Troper
    The last line of Some Like It Hot: "Nobody's perfect!"
  • October 13, 2009
    I dunno if that one counts, since it doesn't change the interpretation of anything before, nothing comes after, and it functions more as a punchline than anything.
  • October 13, 2009
    Russell T Davies has this down to an art-form, even making words we've already heard several episodes back Wham Lines.
    • "Bad Wolf" has the solitary word "Daleks."
    • "Army of Ghosts" has "Location: Earth! Lifeforms detected! Exterminate! Exterminate!"
    • "Utopia" has "I... am... the Master..."
    • "Turn Left" has "Bad Wolf".
    • "The Stolen Earth" has many, being the rollercoaster-plot it has. Over the last ten minutes, it offers line after line of Wham:
      • "Welcome to my new Empire, Doctor. It is only fitting that you should bear witness to the resurrection - and the triumph - of Davros, Lord and Creator of the Dalek race."
      • "Why don't you ask her yourself?"
      • "Exterminate!"
      • "It's too late... I'm regenerating!"
    • In general, writers tend to make every first utterance of the word "Exterminate!" full of Wham, and they're generally successful, even forty-five years on, as "The Stolen Earth" proved just too well.
  • October 13, 2009
    I agree on Fight Club, but "Do you like me?" pretty much speaks for itself. The rest of the conversation is just a follow up. Also, Luke I Am Your Father.
  • October 13, 2009
    How about "It's a Cookbook!"?
  • October 13, 2009
    Sir Psycho Sexy
    Itsuki: It was like obtaining a time bomb and a lover simultaneously. (Japanese)

    Dub: My interest in him wasn't merely academic; I wanted him to become my lover.
  • October 14, 2009
    The Pocket
    "No. I am your father, Luke."
  • October 14, 2009
    Dick Richardson
    "Ground Control to Major Tom, your circuit's dead! Is there something wrong?!"
  • October 14, 2009
    *smacks forehead*

    Duh. How'd I forget "No, I am your father?"
  • October 14, 2009
    Nate the Great
    For Friends a great deal of the angst can be directly attributed by a slip of the tongue:
    Chandler: Oh, c'mon, Ross? Remember back in college when he fell in love with Carol and bought her that ridiculously expensive crystal duck?
    And Phoebe later confirms this...
    Phoebe: I don't think any of our lives are ever gonna be the same ever again.
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