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Work page for the book that is literally Twilight with Chthulhu
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NOTE: Well the book is out, so we should make a work page for it. But unlike Disney's Anne Frank, this is a real work, so it should get a proper namespace (the author can stay Just for Fun).

Now I haven't read the book yet, so I'll need help fleshing this page out. both for examples and the description.

Also, some things in parentheses will be made notes upon launching.
It's an epic tale of cosmic romance as Andromeda Slate meets the mysterious Riley, and falls for his otherworldly looks, and then learns that he is actually the elder god Cthulhu, come to destroy this world, unless love can save it.

This Paranormal Romance is the first book by the author Serra Elinsen (actually, it's the work of The Nostalgia Chick, her friends, and other collaborators, who decided to make a half-joking half-serious entry into the teen supernatural romance genre).

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