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“Heterosexual”=“repulsed by same sex acts”
This is how typically Heterosexual characters are repulsed by the idea of taking part in sex act with a member of their own gender
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All heterosexuality necessarily means with regards to the issue of taking part in same sex sex acts is that you’re not turned on by the act or the idea of the act. In most fictional works however characters who are or at least believe them selves to be fully heterosexual are not only not interested in homosexual sex acts but are positively disgusted by the very idea of them selves taking part in such an act even if their excepting of gay people

This is probably most common in gender bending stories where a character's sexuality is changed or at least called into question by their bent gender. Very rarely in these types of stories do you see a male Pornomancer who wakes up as a women and now attracted man and reacts by going down to nearest bar to start picking up guys even though there are no doubt atleast some men who would react like that


  • there is an episode of family guy where Brian unknowingly has with a male-female transsexual and is so disgusted when he finds out that he vomits and vigorously scrubs his howl body

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