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Minigun Van

A van, usually a panel van or commercial van, with a minigun that can fire from an opened sliding door.

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If a Mook with a gun can't even touch a hero, and a Mook with a car can only do slightly better, why not try combining the two? Often showing up in the garages of villains with good financial skills are vans (big, sturdy vehicles that can hold many Mooks) with miniguns (big, heavy, automatic guns that can deal tons of damage in a very short time) mounted near the sliding doors.


  • Last Action Hero features a midsize van with a sawed-off minigun, driven by a bunch of Mooks in the Movie Within A Movie.

Video Games
  • The James Bond game 007: NightFire features a garage level where the player faces off against two mooks in such a van. Failing to hide behind the cars (which are apparently Pintos) usually means death.

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