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The indicator that a Groundhog Day Loop is occuring
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Do We Need This? Needs a Better Description, More Examples. Previous Titles- I Got You Babe... Again, First Signs of a Time Loop. Rolling Updates

Bob finds himself in an odd situation. It seems that today is starting off the exact same way as yesterday. Same song on the radio, same noise from outside, same comments from Alice. Although confused, he goes about his day, and goes to bed at the end of it. And then he wakes up to the same song. Bob appears to be in a Groundhog Day Loop, and luckily enough for him, there's a distinct event at the beginning of each cycle that tells him this!

A "Groundhog Day" Loop is often be identified by the presence of several odd little events that are given full camera focus, yet don't have any apparent significance or relation to anything else. These are, of course, the events that will later be replayed in exactly the same order to emphasize that the day is, in fact, repeating in every particular. Occasionally, the looping character will at some point demonstrate his or her "prescience" by offhandedly predicting these events one after another.


  • Groundhog Day, with each cycle starting with Phil Connor waking up to "I Got You Babe" by Sonny and Cher, followed by two Dumbass D Js talking about how cold it is.
  • Done in Source Code, with Christina Warren saying "I took your advice," someone opening a can of soda, and a woman spilling coffee on Colter Steven's shoe.
  • The BBC radio play Time After Time features a man with amnesia who keeps reliving the same moments in a strange hotel and tries to escape. The reliving always begins with him hearing the eponymous Frank Sinatra song on a radio
  • The Supernatural episode Mystery Spot always starts the same way, with Sam being woken by Dean playing a song extremely loud.
  • A Groundhog Day Loop based episode of Xena: Warrior Princess had one of these that consisted of Jockster walking in, Gabriel waking up and shouting "RISE AND SHINE!" and someone then hitting Jockster with some eggs.
  • Justified in Charmed's first season finale. Phoebe had the ability to look into different times so she naturally could tell when the day was repeating while her sisters could not. She noted their cat knocking a pepper container over and a neighbor having a car accident in the street each time the day started over.
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