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Schroedinger\'s Ship Tease
The creator hints both for and against a particular pairing.
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This is taken directly from akazedoktor.tumblr.com:

Someone needs to submit this to TV Tropes. I have no idea how itís done though.


The creator must hint for and against a particular pairing The fandom must be split down the middle between those who call it canon and those who donít The creator, for whatever reason, doesnít let on, EVER.

Result: Schroedingerís Ship Tease.

Prime example: Heavy/Medic, of course.

Arguably John/Sherlock in the new series (either that or the writers have a fucking weird sense of humor)

NOT X-Files, because they went somewhere with it in the end.

Sam/Dean in Supernatural, apparently

Anyway, the point of the trope is that the creator has to swing it both ways without ever confirming or denying. Or something. I donít know, Iíve been distracted by TV Tropes again.

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