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Exposed bridge
Space Ships that have their most vital compartments in a very exposed location
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For some reason many space ships tend to have their bridge where all the important people and instruments are in a very exposed place. This has probably to do with space being an ocean and sea-going ships having their bridge on top of some sort of superstructure instead of deep inside the hull. Of course all the possible reasons for placing a bridge in such an exposed place wouldn't really apply in space. You would build a space ship more like a submarine with the bridge very well protected in the middle of the ship. the only exception would be if you had a small ship that might have a cockpit for atmospheric manoeuvring, but even that could be done from a safer place via sensors and computers instead of by looking out the window. The folly of having a single point of failure in such an exposed location can easily become apparent during a space battle.


  • Prime example could be the Stardestroyers in Star Wars. In Episode VI a single fighter takes out Darth Vader's personal Super Stardestryoer by ramming its bridge which conveniently sits atop the wedge instead of deep inside it.
  • The Enterpise from Star Trek at least in some incarnations (Like the Generations movie) sits not as one might expect in the centre of the saucer, but at its very top where it might be conveniently raked by enemy phaser fire and torpedoes.
  • The Yamato has the excuse of being an actual battleship that was retrofitted for space. It has however no excuse for having a only thinly connected and very exposed secondary bridge mounted below it where in the live action movie it had to be cut loose when an enemy bomb latched onto it.
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