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Attack Forcefield
Deflector Shields used offensively.
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Deflector Shields and Some Kind of Force Field in general make great defenses, yet apparently some people don't know that and keep using them as weapons--and what do you know, it works. Sometimes, the forcefield may incinerate anything that touches it; another possibility is turning on the shields and ramming the enemy without fear of your vehicle being damaged in the process. In any case, an aspiring combatant can try to use the Attack Forcefield by activating it while an enemy is near, or by activating it and rushing the enemy.

Shield Bash is the low-tech equivalent.


Video Games
  • The bubble-like "Telekinetic Shield" is the main character's method of attack in Vivid Conceptions. When activated, it destroys nearby enemies and fragile blocks.
  • The shoot-em-up Flying Tigers has a "shield" weapon which, when activated, not only makes your ship immune to all damage, but also damages all enemies you come in contact with.
  • The old Lucasfilm game Rescue on Fractalus! has your ship usually protected by an "energy field" that burns all nearby life forms to a crisp. It can be turned on to incinerate an alien who was attempting to get into your ship... or one of the unlucky pilots you're trying to rescue in the game.

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