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Fighter Archetypes
Index of fighter archetype tropes (offense vs. defense, power vs. speed).
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Regarding combat ability, sometimes you just can't have it all, and you have to choose one ability over another. There may actually be a good reason why, as increasing one ability may decrease another. In video games, characters are specifically given different strengths and weaknesses as a form of Competitive Balance. There are four basic combat abilities, with two being diametrically opposed to the other two.

  • Offense: How effective a character/machine is in striking the target.
  • Defense: How effective a character/machine is in surviving an attack.
  • Power: How much physical power a character/machine has
    • Offensive: how hard they can strike the target using their strength
    • Defensive: how much damage they can physically withstand via the durability of their body or armor.
  • Speed: How fast a character/machine can move, either referring to general mobility but also
    • Offensive: how fast they can strike the target (before it can react) and how much they can strike the target in a given amount of time
    • Defensive: being fast enough to avoid an opponent's strikes

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Sister Trope of Competitive Balance, which uses these and other tropes to balance out gaming.
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