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Dystopian Rave
Characters in a Dystopian Setting always have a place to dance
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Alt. Titles/ Redirects: Apocalyptic Rave

No matter how bad the world has gotten, how corrupt and degraded the future is shown to be, there will always be somewhere to dance. The only real difference is on which end of the Social Pyramid the characters are.

  • The snobs/riches/Spoiled Brats will probably have a distinctly sterile setting, with the walls painted white and any metal the usual gleaming chrome, offset by both the illuminations and the drinks being all the colors of the rainbow. Expect dancers on stages or in cages, if they aren't behind a screen that shows only their silhouette. There may be shots of people in the middle of illicit activities or on illegal substances in the corners. Basically, a way to show the decadence of the rich by way of contrast with the dirtier, darker world outside.

  • Meanwhile the slobs/poor/exiled/rebels rave will be dirtier, usually either an open air setting like a field or else an industrial location, usually abandoned warehouses or factories. Dingy walls, rusted metal, and dim illumination are common hallmarks. Any dancers will be on tables or possibly poles. Drugs are, for some reason, often less openly available at this kind of setting. In really dystopian settings, open fires are a possibility. Usually, the atmosphere is either desperation, an attempt to forget the world outside, or solidarity, a place for anyone to come and be part of the crowd.

Mixed versions exist, as do people going to the "wrong" rave for some reason.


Snobs Rave

Slobs Rave

Mixed Examples
  • Triple X
  • Serial Experiments Lain, It's a bit of both, though leaning more towards Snobs as the richer kids have one
  • the first Blade film opens with a vampire blood rave.
  • Deus Ex lets you go into multiple clubs filled with dancers.

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