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Alt titles: Tapping On The Fourth Wall

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(Originally posted by charlestondude -- was unable to restore his YKTTW for some reason. It's not Leaning on the Fourth Wall.)

This trope takes place in a show, comic, etc., where there is either a solid fourth wall, or one with only a few gaps: One of the characters turns and looks directly out and seemingly addresses the audience. However, a moment later it is revealed that he/she was actually addressing another character "behind" the audience.


  • In Gangs of New York, Bill the Butcher points directly at the camera after assassinating newly elected Sheriff Monk with a meat cleaver. Based on context, we find out he's talking to the (unseen) clients in Monk's barber shop.
    Bill: That, my friends, is the minority vote. Why don'tcha burn 'im, see if his ashes turn green.
  • In the Simpsons episode "Who Shot Mr. Burns?" Dr. Hibbert says that he can't solve this case, and then points at the audience and says, "Can you?" Turns out he's pointing at Chief Wiggum.
    • On The Simpsons at the end the episode "Duffless" when Homer decides he would rather take Marge on a romantic bike ride than have a drink at Moe's, the other barflies leave with him causing Moe to exclaim "You'll be back, and you" than he points to the audience and says "And yoooou". Moe is revealed to be talking to Barney who replies, "Of course I'll be back. If you didn't close I'd never leave."
  • Deadpool does this once with Arcade, though it's unusual, because that series has No Fourth Wall.
  • Scrubs does this three times in a row, with JD continually turning and asking, "What do you think?" "But what do you think?" "All that matters is what America thinks." It turns out he's asking 1. His friends 2. His residents 3. His tailor, "Americo".
  • Inverted in Furuhata Ninaburou--just before the final act, Furuhata usually pauses the action to address the home audience directly, but in "Furuhata vs SMAP", he approaches the camera to apparently yell at the fourth wall for interfering in a crime scene--except that turns out to be a SMAP staff member (I think).
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