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Powers For Hire
Superpowered person will use their powers for cash.
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When someone has superpowers, and advertises their powers for hire/uses their powers openly for their job. Variants can be heroic (such as the Trope Namer, Harry Dresden), and often take side jobs gratis/do it for very little under extenuating circumstances. Other versions run the whole gamut from Heroic to Amoral.

Often involves Mundane Utility.

Contrast Cut Lex Luthor a Check/Reed Richards Is Useless.

Needs More Examples.


Comic Books
  • After Luke Cage got his powers he set up shop as a Hero for Hire. Later Iron Fist joined him, and still later there was a whole team (which didn't include Cage or Fist).
  • DC Comics' Hero Hotline is like this. You need a hero, call them.
  • Doctor Strange on occasion, overlapping with Occult Detective. Although he seems to do it pro bono.
  • Deadpool. 'The Merc with A Mouth'. Kind of self explanatory.

  • Trope Namer (the first anthology, books 1-3 to be precise) and heroic example is Harry Dresden of The Dresden Files. He works as a PI in modern day Fantasy Kitchen Sink but with active Masquerade, Chicago and makes potions (he is very firm: No Love Potions), finds things and generally helps people. If they are in life threatening danger, however, he often does it for free.
    • Elaine Mallory from The Dresden Files is also an example. In fact, she has been directly inspired by Harry, and is also under 'Wizard' in the phone book.
    • Jared Kincaid a.k.a 'The Hell Hound' from the same series. A hitman/bodyguard who charges enormous rates, and is easily worth it.

Tabletop Games
  • Dungeons & Dragons has rules for purchasing an NPC caster's services (though generally only going for the list price for spells that cost nothing to cast and don't require the wizard to go anywhere).
  • GURPS Supers supplement Supertemps. Super powered characters could work for a business called Supertemps, which would match characters to jobs based on which Stock Superpower(s) they possessed.
  • Shadowrun. Some characters with magical abilities sell their services to the general public.
  • Brave New World. U.S. characters with super abilities are normally required to join the Federal government's Delta Prime, but some are allowed to sell their services to private companies.
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