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The Manly Man's Darling Daughter
He's so badass and manly, you'd think he'd father a plethora of sons! Turns out it's a darling girl.
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This is when a badass, manly character has a biological child who is a sweet, adorable girl. This might throw off the other characters, who would have thought for sure that the big, tough, muscular guy - capable of taking out a dozen mooks single-handedly, yanking shrapnel and glass out of his body without even flinching, and then drinking the rest of the group under the table - would have so much pure testosterone flowing through him that he would be incapable of producing anything BUT a son.

And not only is his offspring female, she's a straight-up girlie-girl. Her favorite colour is most likely pink, and she will probably harbour a soft spot for flowers and kittens. At the very least, she will be MUCH more gentle and less prone to violence than her old man. Chances are, the more gruff and tough your Badass is, the more sweet-natured and innocent the daughter is. When they are shown together, the Badass father is usually shown as a Bruiser with a Soft Center.

Contrast with Badass and Child Duo, where the child is adopted and is used as a Morality Pet, or to have the Badass get over his Dark and Troubled Past. But like the Badass and Child Duo, if the manly man's baby girl is threatened in any way, expect him to quickly become a Papa Wolf.

Can also overlap with The Ugly Guy's Hot Daughter, if the daughter is much, MUCH more physically appealing than her father.
  • In The Little Mermaid, King Triton has SEVEN of them.
  • In Taken, Bryan and Kimmy are this. Kimmy is a beautiful seventeen-year-old who aspires to be a pop-singer, where Bryan spent most of her childhood as "a Preventer."
  • Commander Badass from Manly Guys Doing Manly Things has a young daughter (as well as a toddler son) on which he dotes.
  • In the Western release of NieR, Yonah's an Ill Girl who loves flowers; her father, the titular Nier, is a big, world-weary, burly guy who runs around shirtless and fights monsters.
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