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Have I Returned to the Correct Size?

The subject of a Shrink Ray is suspected not to be his original size.

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This might be too rare to trope, but I've definitely seen it repeatedly. Watched an episode of Deep Space Nine where 3 crewmen and a runabout get shrunk. At the end when they're normal sized again, Odo suggests that Bashir and O'Brien seem a couple of centimeters shorter than they used to be.

As far as I can remember, this happens every time a Shrinkray gets used in TV or movies, with two variations:
  • The shrunk-and-restored characters suspect (or are made to suspect) they haven't been fully resized.
  • A character with control over the Shrink Ray deliberately gives himself some extra height.

I can think of two related but not identical circumstances in fiction. In Everybody Loves Raymond, Ray's mid-life crisis is triggered when Debra measures him to be 5'3/4", whereas Ray insists he is six feet tall. He has shrunk due to natural circumstances (the human spine compresses with age), but his reaction is similar to this YKTTW.

In Harry Potter, Hermione gets cursed to make already-prominent teeth even larger, but when she's in Potter-verse medlab, she lets the nurse/wizard shrink her teeth slightly smaller than they originally were, making Hermione more attractive as part of her book 4 transformation from ugly duckling to swan (missing from the film).

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