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Villains Love Tears
The good guy cries and the bad guy loves it.
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So the hero of the story is getting thrashed by the villain. He's tried all of his best attacks, his Superpowered Evil Side even kicked in, but also got its ass whooped, and the villain hasn't got as much as a scratch on him!

Sometimes, the hero should just cry. Everything he's done has been for nothing, after all. So why not let it all out?

But when he does, the villain takes pleasure in seeing the hero in this state, and will most likely lead onto a "The Reason You Suck" Speech.

This is where the hero is backed into a corner by the villain with literally no way out, shows how afraid or ashamed he feels about not succeeding (in this case, he can cry or look frightened), and the villain will find it highly amusing and probably call the hero out on it. It cannot be used as a Stock Phrase; it's meant to be for a situation in a story. However, there's nothing wrong with a character saying it.

Can be associated with "The Reason You Suck" Speech, in that the villain will continue to rub his incoming victory into the hero's face. Kick the Dog would be a great way to obtain this straight off the bat. Also look at Heroic Second Wind and Big Damn Heroes for when the hero somehow gets out of trouble.
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