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Princess Sara
Sara/Sarah is a popular name for princesses and princess-like characters
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Authors love to give their characters a Meaningful Name, and who deserves a good name more than a princess?

The name Sara/Sarah is Hebrew for "Princess". The Trope Maker and oldest example is The Bible. In the Book of Genesis Abraham's wife Sarai is renamed Sarah because her descendants will be kings.

Sara is especially convenient for authors to use because it is a popular name in the Western world. It has the significant meaning without sticking out as odd or contrived.

The character may be an actual princess, or the name may be used to emphasize her princess-like qualities like grace and nobility.

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  • Sarah in Labyrinth plays at being a princess.

  • Trope Maker is The Bible. Sarai is renamed Sarah because her descendants will be kings.
  • Sara Crewe of A Little Princess is not an actual princess. However, she aspires to embody the goodness and compassion that she feels a princess ought to have, leading to other students nicknaming her Princess Sara.

Live-Action TV:

Video Games:
  • There are several Princess Sarahs in the Final Fantasy series.
    • Final Fantasy I: Sarah is kidnapped by Garland to kick off the plot of the game. When rescued, she gives the Lute to the party as a key item for later in the game. She's also a playable character in Theatrythm Final Fantasy and Final Fantasy Airborne Brigade.
    • Final Fantasy III: Lady Sara Altney is the Princess of Sasune and a Guest Star Party Member. In the Nintendo DS and mobile remakes, she casts white magic in battle.
    • Final Fantasy IX: A hidden message reveals that main party member Garnet's birth name is Sarah. She's a princess by virtue of being adopted by Queen Brahne.
  • Sarah Kerrigan becomes the Queen of Blades in StarCraft.

Web Comics:
  • 8-Bit Theater is a parody of Final Fantasy and twists Princess Sarah's original role from the game. Here, she's used to being kidnapped by villains and is actually more competent at doing evil than they are. Her evil appearance uses the sprite of Sara Altney from Final Fantasy III.

Western Animation:
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