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Wear Your Seatbelt
When everybody wears seatbelts, even in cars that should not have them.
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Seen It a Million Times but desperately Needs More Examples. Rolling Updates, if I get any comments.

"Click It or Ticket"
--Eagleland State Police Traffic Safety

While Real Life laws do require people to wear seatbelts, media tends to exaggerate this importance. Everyone in a show will always buckle up, and on the occasion that the don't, a quick injury or at least a convenient police unit. This trope can be taken to silly extremes where characters are shown buckled into cars that should not even have seat belts, or at least the type people expect. Seat belts are not even required for cars made in certain countries, and older cars have more rudimentary belts or, more likely, none at all.


Newspaper Comics

Western Animation
  • Hey Arnold! has modern belts in a 1947 Packard, as well as any other car interiors in the show.
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