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Spike Powered Flight
When a character touches or is touched by a pointy object, they bounce up.
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Spike Powered Flight occurs immediately following stepping on, sitting on, or getting poked by a spike, needle, small dagger etc. What results is the character flying up, usually accompanied by a yelp. The exact height of the jump usually varies with how comedic the work in question is. Many times this is done because the alternative (the object in question being impaled through the foot, rear, etc.)is far more violent then the creators want.

Video Games:
  • In the Paper Mario series this occurs a lot. If Mario jumps on an enemy with spikes,he bounces straight back up in pain.
    • Furthermore if he steps on a spike outside of battle, he flies up off of the screen if a flurry of "Ow ow ow ow ow"s and lands on the last nonlethal ground he stepped on.

Western Animation:
  • Averted in Adventure Time. As Finn tries to figure out how to climb a tree, a porcupine rolls down and tells him to sit on his spikes to launch to the top. Finn doesn't think that will work, so the porcupine flings him self at Finn's butt. As Finn predicted, all he got was a buttful of spikes.
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