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Gratuitous Rape
Rape for rape's sake
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"Take a good look at your story. Why do you think a rape is what you need for it to progress? Is there something else that could fill the same function? Unless you have a damn good reason to include rape in a story, you probably shouldn’t."
--Rachael Edidin, InsideOut

Gratuitous Rape is Exactly What It Says on the Tin - a pointless rape scene usually happening for little to no reason. Did the Big Bad defeat The Hero? Rape. Did a whole bunch of Mooks gang up on The Hero at once? Rape. Does the angsty Lancer have childhood issues? It was because he was raped. Is The Hero going up against a foe that has Mind Manipulation powers? Mind Rape THEN rape. Did The Hero defeat the Big Bad? Rape - Wait, WHAT?!

There are many guesses as to why Gratuitous Rape is used so much. To name a few, rape makes for good drama, it can show the Big Bad as very, very, evil, or it can be used for just plain ol' Fanservice. What some creators forget, however, is that rape is a sensitive subject and therefore rape scenes should be handled with care. When unskilled hands insist on shoehorning rape somewhere into their work, THIS happens. This is a common cliche in Fan Works, but professional works are no stranger to it, either.

A good indicator as to whether or not rape is ensuing is if:

Note that this trope is NOT complaining about the use of rape in a work, just the unnecessary rape scenes (and we're not always complaining either in the case of parodies). Before posting an example, ask yourself if the scene was at all relevant to the plot, Fridge Logic would be fixed if it was replaced, or if it only exists thanks to Bad Writing.

Compare Rape Is The New Dead Parents, where rape is offhandedly thrown into the background (these two tropes can overlap with a random flashback to said rape). Contrast Coitus Ensues, an pointless but consensual sex scene.



  • Sleez forcing a mind-controlled Big Barda to star in porn movies in Action Comics #593. He almost did it to Superman, too.

Fan Fic

  • As one might expect, this is a common staple in porn and Exploitation Films
  • The alien parasite showing a drill/tentacle-like appendage up the heroine's vagina in the theatrical version of Meatball Machine. This scene was not in the original independent film.
  • In Showgirls, Molly is beaten and raped by her client...just before she was about to have consensual sex with him! One could guess that raping was his kink, but it still came right out of nowhere.
  • The infamous "snowman rape scene" from the Slasher Movie Jack Frost. Jack brutally kills everybody else but stops to rape the teenage girl taking a bath.
  • The rapes in The Hills Have Eyes.

Tabletop Games
  • FATAL gives players plenty of opportunities to engage in this, since rape is usually not even considered a crime in its universe.

Web Comics
  • Lampshaded in Something*Positive. Davan sends a rejection letter to the writer of a bad play which reads "A better title for your play would be 'Rape-Rape: A Tale of Rapening'. Also, your next play should have a little less rape in it."

Video Games
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