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Stapled On Plot Resolution
Everyone will get a happy ending, even if it makes no sense and contradicts the plot.
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This is, essentially, an intentional (or semi-intentional) Plot Hole right at the end of a work that is intended to give everyone a happy ending or plot resolution....dispute common sense and absolutely everything else that happened previously.

This is where the main character's elderly mentor joins in the post-victory celebrations despite being very-defiantly Killed Off for Real earlier in the film (and we don't mean as a ghost either). Or when a character who should have no idea at all that the main character just got a happy Fairytale Ending seems to sense it happening with their magic Plot Convenience radar and starts celebrating.

This is, in short, a blatantly obvious plot-hole resolution that makes no bloody sense in context.

Compare: A Wizard Did It. See also Esoteric Happy Ending.


Computer & Video Games
  • Alan Wake, Actually a key plot point due to the world running on the Theory of Narrative Causality, the story must be consistent to its own internal logic. Thomas Zane tried to write a happy ending to his story that was out of place with the rest of the narrative, and the results were... unpleasant.

  • Lost in Space so how the hell did the little green monkey thing they found on the spider-infested ship come to be on the rebooted launch ship right at the end? And why the hell is nobody surprised it's there when none of them have met it yet?
  • The Time Machine in the modern remake, the main character's friend appears to sense the happy ending millions of years in the future, smiles, and throws his bowler hat up in the air.
  • Wayne's World parodies this by having multiple endings...basically, the first ending is really bad, so the characters literally say "oh this sucks, lets do something happier". They then run through variations until they get to the "super happy" ending (which then becomes canonical).

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