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Ridiculous Future Sequelisation
You can tell we're in the future, because we're up to sequel number 30 of 'insert 20th century work'
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A work set in the future will often take elements of the present day and refer to them as a way to show that it is our future and not a fictional place. One form this can take is for there to be a reference to a contemporary Long Runner, and show that it is still going strong.

The chosen long runner is usually one that is well known for having several Numbered Sequels, which means all you need do is bump the number up by a few dozen.

Usually a throwaway gag, or incidental background detail for the eagle eyed.

But as nothing dates quite as fast as science fiction, the reference might pass a later audience by altogether.

Distinct from Oddly Named Sequel, which is where the work itself has a title which plays with the Numbered Sequels trope.

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