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A spinoff; this thread reminded me that I'd seen an editorial defining a trope in an anime magazine, and I wanted to see if we had, or should have it....

Do We Have This? Should We Have This?? Needs a Better Description. Needs a Better Title. Rolling Updates likely. Up for Grabs.
Basically, a heroine who is usually very well endowed in the breast department and Even the Girls Want Her, but finds herself less successful in relationships than others who envy her for her appearance much to her annoyance and frustration. It might be because her secret identity keeps her from finding the time needed to foster or repair a relationship, it might be because her painfully shy, Good Bad Girl, Tsundere, etc. personality, status as Miss Fanservice, or just bad luck keeps getting in her way. But for whatever reason, she is simultaneously the object of both envy and desire of fans and peers alike, and The Woobie due to her inability to capitolize on her Even the Girls Want Her status.

In the article, the requirements for a character to meet this trope were as follows:
  • She is the hero of the story, attractive and sympathetic.
  • She is noticably more Buxom than the other female members of her Nakama.
  • She is either completely unsuccessful in love or has a very messy love life (most often with several guys she sort of likes but it never goes anywhere) and wishes it were simple.

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