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Blind Character Build
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This is a subtrope of Guide Dang It (which doesn't seem to be treated as having subtropes) where the game player is given a choice of how to build a character (typically through a skill tree or similar) but is not told what abilities appear later on in various places in the tree, and sometimes not even how to qualify for any particular path. As a result, the user has to either build a character at random and hope that he gets useful abilities, or use a guide.

  • Final Fantasy Tactics has a tree of classes--you must achieve specific levels in some classes before being eligible for other classes. Which levels of which classes make you eligible for which ones is undocumented.
  • Dragon Quest VIII makes the player choose which of several weapons to put skill points in. Advancing the weapons earns specific skills and abilities. The player is not told what these abilities are or at what level they are gained, leaving only a very rough guide (staves grant more spells, for instance).

(I can think of other subtropes of Guide Dang It and might try a YKTTW for those. For instance, the exhaustive search for hidden objects.)
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