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Repeats the Narration
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Needs a Better Title. A character repeats what was just said by the narrator, word-for-word (or very nearly) for comedic effect. A stealth version can show up in a script by having the character repeat the stage directions word-for-word (i.e. "Character is sad and confused" Character: I'm sad and confused!).

  • In the dub of episode 15 of Sgt. Frog, when the others imagine Keroro and Dark Momoka teaming up to conquer the world, the narrator warns, "But their dark union was not that simple." Cut to Dark Momoka informing the platoon, "Our dark union's not that simple."
    • Used again in episode 22:
    Narrator: *coming back from the eyecatch* Ten seconds ago on Sgt. Frog, Tamama became leader of the platoon and banished the Sarge down a previously unseen well.
    Keroro: Why has Tamama dropped me down this previously unseen well?
  • The WordGirl episode "Mecha-Mouse" is narrated by the usual Interactive Narrator and his Darker And Grittier twin brother. At one point, they muse, "Will WordGirl be able to stop Dr. Two-Brain's plan to buy his own private island?" "Or will Two-Brains Island become the center of evil and villainy for all eternity?" Later on, as Dr. Two-Brains goes to buy his island, he cackles to himself, "Two-Brains Island will become the center of evil and villainy for all eternity! The narrator told me so."
  • At the start of Act Two of Spamalot, the Historian recaps the end of Act One, ending with, "King Arthur and his knights fled for their lives and were instantly scattered and lost in a dark, and very expensive, forest." Soon after, King Arthur moans, "This is a total bloody disaster. All my knights have fled, and we're lost in a dark, and very expensive, forest."
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