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Color Changing Conversion
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When a cast is Color-Coded for Your Convenience, and even if it isn't, some clothes, armor, weapons, vehicles, and even cities will change their color scheme to match that of the current owner as soon as picked up. Kind of like a high tech/magical mood ring. Mecha-Mooks that get hacked will spontaneously change the color of any lights on their chassis, even if they were solid state bulbs rather than screen.

See also Fisher Kingdom and Dress-Coded for Your Convenience.

  • In Tron: Legacy, vehicles change to the color of whatever program is piloting it. Also, programs that are reprogrammed (or deprogrammed) may change color.
  • In Erf World, raiment has similar properties. It changes color and even symbol depending on who a unit serves. So when Wanda uncroacks or Decrypts a unit, its raiment immediately changes to her or Parson's symbol.
  • Magic weapons in Goblins are explicitly said to glow with the aura color of their wielder, and change depending on who wields them.
  • Gears of War: The light on guns change to either blue or red depending upon which side picks them up.
  • The security bots in Bioshock change from red-light to green-light when you hack them.
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