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Vase Fu
When chicks cannot fight, they hit people on the head with an improvised weapon.
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During a fight while the hero is engaging in the Good Old Fisticuffs, The Chick (sometimes a Non-Action Guy) will pick up a nearby vase or other object and hit a mook over the head with it. Expect the annoyed mook to turn around and menace the lady before the hero takes advantage of the distraction to knock him down permanently.

This does not involve merely hitting people with vases. The idea of this trope is that while averting the Neutral Female trope, it is unseemly for a woman to engage in hand-to-hand combat. The modern Action Girl averts this entirely, but it is still not a Dead Horse Trope.

Subtrope of: Weapons and Wielding Tropes, Improvised Index, The Power of Index.

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