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Battle Of The Sexes Episode
An episode centered around a game or contest pitting the men against the women.
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Until about the turn of the millennium, a staple of ensemble cast comedies was the "Battle Of The Sexes" episode. This would be an episode involving some sort of contest between the men and the women. Usually, wacky gender-related hijinks would play out, and the contest would end either in a tie, a disqualification of some sort, or one gender handing the game to the other out of some form of guilt.

This has more-or-less become a Discredited Trope. It's almost impossible to make such an episode without having a ridiculous amount of gender stereotyping (after all, gender stereotypes are precisely what fuel this trope). And, in order to avoid stepping on too many toes, the outcome will almost always be one that's somehow fair to both genders, making this trope way too predictable for modern audiences. Super Trope to Macho Disaster Expedition


  • Friends had two BOTS episodes: "The One With All The Poker" and "The One With The Football." Both played into just about every gender stereotype in the book, from Phoebe and Rachel not even knowing what the NFL is to Phoebe distracting Chandler with her breasts to gain control of the football.
  • Saved by the Bell had several episodes centered around this. For example, "The Will" (where a deceased graduate leaves a $10,000 inheritance to Bayside, resulting in a contest to see whether the guys or the girls get the money).
  • Hey Dude also had several BOTS episodes, with even more gender stereotyping than Friends (case in point: the chanting the guys and girls do in the "Danny's Birthday" episode).
  • South Park had this plot in "Cartman's Silly Hate Crime 2000." Unlike most other examples, however, the episode ended with one gender actually winning against the other (specifically, the boys beat the girls).
  • On the MythBusters: it was episode 183, original air date (US) April 22, 2012. The team tested several claims about one gender being "better" at something than another. (According to some online comments, there's another episode planned.) They also alluded to this during "No Pain, No Gain", when they looked at which gender has better pain tolerance.
  • When The Nostalgia Critic and The Nostalgia Chick did a crossover review of The Chipmunk Adventure the video escalated into the two of them having their own battle of the sexes in song.
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