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Two Pairs Of Foils And A Mediator
A common five-member team dynamic, where the team consists of two sets of foils and a mediator.
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Five-Man Band is properly four guys and a girl. This is the supertrope

taking bad examples of Five Man Band and moving them to examples of this trope. Follow this link to help out if you are familiar with any of the unsorted works!

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One common way to have a five-person team is to make it up from two matched pairs of characters and a fifth, mediating character. Each set of matched characters are foils for the other character in the pair, and the pairs complement each other and the mediating character. Often, the character pairs will follow standard dynamics, such as Brains and Brawn, Red Oni, Blue Oni, Beast and Beauty, etc. (See Foil for additional common pairings.)

The main idea behind this team structure is that it allows for a five-person team with an easily definable contrast and complementation structure. The four members of the pairs contrast each other, with the fifth team member in the center, holding them together. This provides variety and ample opportunity for conflict, but also gives the group a broad range of skills, viewpoints, and competencies to draw on, making them an effective team.

A common way—but certainly not the only way—to implement this team structure is to have one pair provide leadership, e.g., a Captain Smooth and Sergeant Rough duo, another provide operational capability, e.g. using a Brains and Brawn duo, and let the mediator be The Heart. Very specific implementations of this are the Five-Man Band and the Five-Bad Band.
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