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Trick-And-Follow Ploy
One character tricks another into going to a location, and in turn follows said character to it.
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Bernard: Why is [McLeach] letting [Cody] go?

Suppose you want to find out where something is, and you know that a certain other person knows where it is but isn't willing to tell you. How do you get this information out of them?

No, not torture. Nor any magical or scientific mind reading either; you use the trick-and-follow ploy. A form of Batman Gambit or Xanatos Gambit, depending on how it is approached, this involves manipulating said person into going to that place and then secretly following and/or tracking them there.

May overlap with I Never Said It Was Poison in the case where the police let a suspect go so he can lead them to the murder weapon or some other kind of incriminating evidence.


  • In The Rescuers Down Under, the Evil Poacher McLeach realizes that Cody won't willingly tell him where the nest of Marahoute the eagle is. So, McLeach claims that "Marahoute" is dead and her offspring will never survive without their mother, so that the emotionally-distraught Cody will go to Marahoute's nest for sentimental reasons; McLeach then follows Cody there and waits for Marahoute so as to capture her.
  • In The Spectacular Spiderman, a de-powered Eddie Brock successfully pulls off a scheme to get his hands back on his symbiote "costume". He dresses up in clothes that look like Venom and keeps following Peter around, allowing himself to be briefly seen, and then disappears. Just as Eddie planned, Peter becomes paranoid and goes to where he hid the symbiote to check that it was still there, revealing the location to him.
  • In an episode of The Closer, Brenda believes that a suspect has bribed a witness and hired a hit-man using a stash of marked bills stolen from a murdered F.B.I. informant. She has enough evidence to arrest him, but she wants to find the money. So she pretends to blackmail him, threatening to have him arrested if he doesn't give her $100,000 within two hours. When he goes to his storage locker to get her money the F.B.I. arrests him and seizes all of the money.
  • In the Justice League episode "Wild Cards", the Joker has the Royal Flush gang set various bombs for the League in a televised gambit meant to get everyone to watch so he could mass-hypnotize them with previously-hidden member Ace from an undisclosed location. At one point, Batman catches Harley Quinn and tells her that the Joker is more interested in Ace than her. She doubts his words, but still goes to the Joker to hear his side. The Joker starts what sounds like a heartwarming speech about his feelings for her... and then decks her, because she led Batman right to him.
  • In The Hunchback of Notre Dame, Frollo tells Quasimodo that he knows where the Gypsy hideout is and is attacking them in the morning. Quasimodo and Phoebus set out to find it before then, but once they do they discover that Frollo had been following them all along, waiting for them to find the hideout for him.
  • Happens in Wedlock (AKA Deadlock). A thief stole millions of dollars worth of diamonds and stashed them before being captured. A prison warden arranges for his escape, hoping that the thief will lead him to the loot.
  • Guybrush Threepwood of the Monkey Island series has done this twice: once in The Secret Of Monkey Island to find the Sword Master, and once in Escape from Monkey Island to find some stolen loot.
  • In White Collar, Keller almost pulls this off on Neal, but Neal catches on and leads him to the wrong location.
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