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Time will tell on their power minds / Making war just for fun / Treating people just like pawns in chess / Wait 'til the judgement day comes...

-From War Pigs by Black Sabbath

So you need to establish that the antagonizing force's general is evil. Really evil. Definitely-not-a-Designated Antagonist evil.

No problem! Just give him a casual disregard for the lives of his own troops, and all that pesky chance of him becoming sympathetic goes right out the window.

I've Seen It a Million Times, but there are specific things that made me think of it:

-Most necromancers and other undead-using sorts will gleefully send legions of their troops off to get re-killed, though this is thorughly justified when you consider that no lives are lost. Well, except for the enemy.

-Advance Wars: Days of Ruin plays this straight, with everyone you're supposed to dislike being shown treating their troops like, well, pawns in chess. Meanwhile, anyone sympathetic is guaranteed to give Big Bad Caulder a lecture on the importance of human life. (The one character who says nothing either way is decidedly gray in most other aspects of characterization.)

-However, the earlier Advance Wars titles are close to inverting this, with every CO and their brother being willing to send their men to their deaths just to test out an ally's strength. The only characters who ever outright object to War Piggery are Olaf and Sonja, and that seems to be nothing more than a reaction to Lash wrecking Olaf's hometown and giving Sonja a Not So Different speech.
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