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Open to Middle Page

When a character read a book by flipping it to some random page, usually the middle.

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In real life, people read a book by flipping open the cover and starting on the first page. In fiction, when a character encounters a book, they tend to open it to the halfway mark. A practical reason for this is that it's sometimes hard to keep a book open if both sides aren't weighted down. Another reason I think this may be done is to enhance the sense of mysticism and knowledge that books invoke. An open book, with pages lying equally on both sides, seems to symbolize this, as it means someone is deep in their reading. This trope may also include opening to the right page, which is when a character opens to the page they're looking for without searching, or when they just happens to land on the best/worst possible page in the book accidentally.

Snow White - When the evil queen takes out a spell book to transform into an ugly witch, she sets the book down on a table, with the middle open.

Zatch Bell - In episode 1, Kiyo reads a spell out loud from the middle of the spell book.
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  • March 30, 2013
    I can't remember ever seeing an example of someone starting to read a book in the middle.

    I'm pretty sure we have the second type (automatically opening a book to the correct page) as a trope, but I don't know what it's called (it's not on Bookish Tropes).
  • April 15, 2013