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Stranger Safety
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The tendency of fictional works to assume that characters can talk to, share a room with, or travel with complete strangers without doing a background check or even a basic spot check - and despite this, nothing bad will ever happen.

In stories where this trope applies, it's usually a near unheard of and an unspeakable crime to actually lull someone into a sense of security and rob them blind. Doing so in such a story is sure to send the character straight over the Moral Event Horizon and into Complete Monster territory. Why else would it be pounded into most of the children of Real Life that talking to complete strangers is usually bad?

A Justified Trope, as in ancient Greece, accepting aid from and giving aid to complete strangers was shown to be a virtuous characteristic. Even in relatively recent times and stories it was not improbable for these sorts of events to occur; strife at them is likely to be due to Values Dissonance.

See also Violation of Common Sense.


Anime and Manga
  • In an episode of Card Captor Sakura, a strange old man befriends Sakura. It turns out to be her great grandfather, but she didn't know it at the time and went off with what could very well have been a creep showing unnatural interest in her.

  • In Moby-Dick, Ishmael isn't put off by having to share a bed with a complete stranger, until he discovers the stranger in question is a Wild Samoan.
  • Ayla and Jondoloar from the Earth's Children series are constantly meeting new people, who are (almost) always helpful and friendly.

  • Played straight in The Odyssey, where many characters take care of main hero Odysseus.

Video Games
  • Both Pokémon Mystery Dungeon games start in this manner. The first game is particularly jarring, as you, a complete stranger, are tasked to rescue a baby Caterpie.
    • Subverted in the second game, where a Drowzee kidnaps Azumarill, the game's resident Cute Shotaro Boy.

Western Animation

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