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Hyperactive Waving

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This is an Anime Trope, I've Seen It a Million Times; Do We Have This One??

When an anime character, especially a Genki Girl or Keet, gets particlarly frightened, excited, or angry, they may wildy flail their arms and/or legs so fast that their limbs appear to multiply or turn into little blobs of color. This trope comes in a few simple variations:

  • A character suddenly flails both their arms, sometimes jumping in the air and flailing their legs too. Occasionally this will cause them to float around like a helicopter.
  • A character who is running abnormally fast will have this happen to their legs while their arms appear normal. Any Innocent Bystander who gets caught in their path may quickly become A Twinkle in the Sky. This is very similar to but distinct from Wheel o' Feet.
  • A small character being held At Arm's Length will swing their arms this way in a futile effort to land a hit on the taller character.

See also: Kewpie Doll Surprise, Wild Take, Big Ball of Violence, Airplane Arms

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