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It's the future!
Sorta like 'because it's magic', except in this case, it's the future.
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'Futuristic' is pretty much an identifier and seemingly satiating explanation for why certain things, usually objects and items, behave the way they do. It also can be (at least for me), however, an acceptable explanation for why certain characters are the way they are - ie. it can't be fully ascertained what experiments in a lab were conducted to transform character X into random monstrosity or other superpowered being. Whereas, technology of the society is what allows certain objects and items to exist and remain accessible to the characters through established setting alone.

In which case, often times, little detail is given to the setting beyond 'characters have such and such because it's the future' no matter how interesting that setting may seem from whatsoever gets thrown in the audience collective faces.

And even though such things may clearly belong in the realm of fantasy - this is, sadly, the handwave for much of whatever passes for science fiction, past and present. No other thought will be given to that point, and thusly, quite like how 'a wizard did it' can degrade a setting, this sorta thing can potentially degrade a setting as well - which depends on the audience, and how much weight is given to the setting itself, etc.

NOTE: I searched 'futuristic' on here, checked page 1 results, and found nothing that covers this area. This article could be a subset of 'hand wave' or 'a wizard did it'.

Powered armor, because um... it's the future? (dunno how to do captions)

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