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Glacier Waif
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Essentially an inversion of Fatter Than A Speeding Bullet and Acrofatic; a character who's appearance suggests a Fragile Speedster (or, at the least, a character of average size compared to others) but it turns out they are a Mighty Glacier.

  • Cassandra Nova in X-Men. She looks like a frail old lady and she definitely is. But unless you can hide your mind from her telepathy to catch her off-guard, her other psychic powers allow her to tank absurd amounts of damage.
  • Hinako Shijo in King Of Fighters looks much like the rest of the female cast (she's thin, short, and only 16 years old). Despite that, she's one of the slower characters who uses strength to her advantage. Why? Her style is sumo wrestling.
  • The rather petite Ashlotte from Soul Calibur IV is a reskin of Mighty Glacier Astaroth (as is obvious from her name). She shares his moveset, strength and low agility despite being barely more than half his size.
  • Ryuuguu Rena in Higurashi Daybreak. With her "normal" weapon she's The Mario but with the axe she's a classical Mighty Glacier. She gets the Ironclad Cleaver in the expansion, and she becomes incredibly slow but her strength gets boosted to Game Breaker levels.

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