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Oddball Doppelganger
A character's counterpart who is more bizarre
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At first, you'd think this character would be the long-lost twin of another character. But then you start to notice the differences. This character just seems off. It could be due to having a completely opposite personality (without being a full-on Evil Twin). It could be due to exaggerating the original character's foibles. This character may even appear to be an Off Model version of the original.

Regardless, this character is like a funhouse reflection of the original - distorted in possibly unimaginable ways, but still clearly patterned after the original.

Compare with Evil Knockoff and Evil Twin (the more sinister versions). Can lead to Other Me Annoys Me.


Anime and Manga
  • Kanchome from Zatch Bell! can transform into replicas of other charecters, but they're far from perfect. One had a nose that would make Cereno De Burgerac feel normal and another has a forehead as big as the torso, luckily for him the people he had to fool where idiots

Comic Books
  • Bizarro was originally this to Superman. He's since been used as a "straight villain" more often.
  • In Superman/Comic Book/Batman Annual #1 a crazy Earth-3 version of Deathstroke appears - who is strongly implied to be Marvel Comics' Deadpool.

Live-Action TV
  • How I Met Your Mother has "Stripper Lily", who speaks with an Eastern European accent, and "Mexican Wrestler Ted", who is exactly what it sounds like. The other characters had doppelgangers as well, but not particularly oddball ones.
  • Played with in an episode of Seinfeld where Elaine comes across a "bizarro" version of her gang of guy friends. One member who is strangely like Jerry, one who is strangely like George, and one who is strangely like Kramer. The twist, however, is that these counterparts, though definitely reminiscent of the originals, are actually more "normal" than the regular gang.

Video Games
  • Crash Bandicoot has Fake Crash, who usually cameos as an easter egg in spin off titles, his occasional story involvement interchanges from good to neutral alliance. He differs from the already oddball Crash due to his enlarged eyebrows and teeth and dopier voice and demeanor.
  • Wario may have been a villian in his first appearance but has since become this to Mario. Likewise Waluigi was a much darker Evil Twin in his first appearance but is now just awkward and annoying. The Wario Bros are still somewhat antagonistic but are usually Played for Laughs and now only show up to play minigames or try to cheat at sports.

Web Animation

Web Video
  • Macro from [citation needed]. Subverted when it's revealed that he is not a clone at all, but Micro's long lost twin brother. And the reason for his odd and childish behaviour is that he was on a ton of medication for a disease in his legs.

Western Animation
  • In Hey Arnold!, Arnold has a country cousin Arnie, who is generally "weird". Later in the series, an episode shows there is a whole group of cuckoolandian counterparts to every other character in the series. Well, maybe.
  • Bunny from The Powerpuff Girls. Same dress design, has a B name, and like the others has a different color scheme to make her different from the other three..... Besides the fact that she is mentally handicapped and is very physically deformed.
  • Scooby-Doo had Scooby Dum, the dimwitted cousin to the eponymous character.
  • In an episode of South Park The local Mad Scientist's son creates an Off Model clone of Stan. It's got an oversized head, one arm is elongated, and about all it can say is "Bachamp, bachamp."

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