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She's Just A Woman
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Vidal: You can leave, Garcez.
Garcez: You sure, captain?
Vidal: For god's sake, she's just a woman.
Mercedes: That's what you always thought. That's why I was able to get away with it. I was invisible to you.
- From Pan's Labyrinth (Said when Vidal was planning on torturing Mercedes. Afterwards, she broke free and managed to take the knife to him.)

M. Bison: I know women, and you are harmless.
Chun-Li: That's exactly what I wanted you to think.
- From the Street Fighter movie. Chun-Li proceeds to inflict a No-Holds-Barred Beatdown on Bison.

Do We Have This One?... oh and I am open to title suggestions.

This is a form of Tempting Fate that is basically a hybrid of sexism and overconfidence; one dismisses the potential threat posed by a female just because she is female. Often times, the woman being reacted to dismissively turns out to be an Action Girl.

In some cases she will exploit this. Sometimes this is justified; by its very nature this form of Tempting Fate will tend to be done by Politically Incorrect Villains, though a well-intentioned character who simply underestimates female abilities might do this as well, in which case it becomes more of a grey area.

Either way, it does tend towards overconfident characters.
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