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discard Do Not Post Just The Trope Name
Don't comment on a YKTTW with just a trope name, say why it is the same or should be looked at
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A proposed Predefined Message.

An integral part of the process of making a YKKTW is making sure that there isn't another trope that fits the description or that seems similar and can cause confusion. Not only does it prevent duplicate tropes from being created, it also refines the definition of the trope being proposed. Should a troper realize that a proposed trope is similar to or the same as another, they are encouraged to note the trope and explain what the issue is.

What's not okay is writing only a trope with no explanation, not even "This is X", especially if bolded. Even if entirely correct, it comes across as rude and dismissive, and bolding text is considered equivalent to raising ones voice or yelling in most of the internet. It forces anyone working on cleaning up the YKKTW to go to the trope page and attempt to discern why the poster found them similar and respond to an argument that has not actually been made. Some just ignore posts of this variety altogether which does not help the conversation along. Posting only a trope name slows and frustrates the process and the tropers involved, and should be considered comparable to X Just X- just because the poster knows why the trope they wrote means the YKKTW should be removed does not necessarily mean anyone else does.

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