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Cool Cop
A laid-back, reasonable, inconspicuous and badass cop.
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The Cool Cop doesn't really fit your stereotypical impression of law enforcement. He jokes around with small time criminals at the bar, looks out for street urchins like they were his little siblings, trundles around town, seemingly doing nothing much, and if he isn't wearing a uniform then you probably wouldn't peg him as a cop at all. He's a totally mellow Reasonable Authority Figure who doesn't sweat the small stuff, and really gets along with people in low places. He might seem like he's phoning it in, but that couldn't be further from the truth.

The Cool Cop is genuinely looking out for the people of his city, both high and low. He's a Nice Guy purposefully, because you can get the best info by getting people to open up, not shaking them down and treating them like they aren't worth anything. He's always cool and collected at all times and despite his mellow attitude, there is an incredibly high probability that he's secretly a badass, though most of the guys he's after probably won't realize it until it's too late.

Contrast both the Cowboy Cop and By-the-Book Cop. The former tends to outright break the rules and pull crazy, Hot-Blooded stunts and the latter is usually strict and high strung, never wanting to bend the rules at all.


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