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Generational Worldview Gap
The new generation's morality clashes with the old one.
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This trope applies when there is conflict between the conception of the world by two successive generations. Basically, when the Weltanschauung of the old generation is opposite to the new one's and the constrast is carried out.

Please notice that this trope doesn't automatically imply that one generation is "evil" and the other one is "good": blue parents and orange children can find place here too, as well as grey and gray ones.

Expect Calling the Old Man Out to show up. Could overlap with Mad Scientist's Beautiful Daughter. See also Face-Heel Turn or Heel-Face Turn. If the parents take it really bad, it could lead to Offing the Offspring. Not always this trope is unintentional, as it could be the result of Evil Parents Want Good Kids. When the evil new generation tries to destroy the good old one, we have a case of Antagonistic Offspring. Vice versa, we have an Archnemesis Dad. May lead to Dating What Daddy Hates.

Real Life examples can be added, however only when not dealing with Good Versus Evil, to avoid Edit War and Flame War.

'''Please, No Natter.'''


Comic Books


  • In the ''Harry Potter'' series, Sirius Black is the opposite of his Dark Side-loving, purity-obsessed family, the only one not to be a member of Slytherin House, and with completely different values from the rest of his kin. His bedroom shows that he was similarly reactionary throughout his adolescence, choosing posters and decorations that would be sure to offend his parents. Contrast his little brother, Regulus, who wholly loved the Dark Side until he found out what they were really like.
  • The contrast between Kelson Haldane and his mother in the ''Deryni'' works is like this for a long time. Jehana truly believes the powers are evil, doesn't use hers for years, and feels guilty if she does when pressed by circumstances. She's also rude to the point of hostility towards some Deryni (notably Morgan, his wife Richenda, and Rothana). Kelson believes it's the use to which the powers are put (not the powers themselves) which can be good or evil, and he works toward making it easier for mages to use their powers openly. As you might expect, they argue about this. Often.
    • Come to think of it, the Deryni works also have this between Prince Nigel Haldane and his eldest son Conall. Most notably, Nigel is loyal to his king and Conall isn't. Their conflict eventually becomes very overt.

Live-Action TV
  • ''Criminal Minds'': Aaron Hotchner has grown up to catch killers also because his father abused him, and Ashley Seaver's father was a Serial Killer.
    • On he other hand, the unsub in "A Shade of Gray" is a 10 years old sociopath with Good Parents.

  • Bob Dylan's "The Times They Are A-Changin'":

Mythology and Religion
  • The Bible has Absalom rebelling (and later declaring war) against David after the latter did nothing to persecute the man who had assaulted Tamar, Absalom's sister, while the former had asked for retailation.

  • This is a big theme in the play ''An Inspector Calls'', which pits the morality of the next generation against their predecessors. Everyone is at fault though.

Video Games
  • ''The House of the Dead 3'': Daniel Curien, son of Roy Curien, helps the protagonists. You also play it (instead of G, who helps Rogan leaving the building) in the last chapter, against a boss engineered from Curien's DNA.
  • Played with in ''Command & Conquer: Red Alert 3'' with the Empire of the Rising Sun. The Emperor and his son, Prince Tatsu, disagree on how best to conduct the war, with the Emperor favoring a "traditional" approach of sapping the enemy's will to fight by destroying symbolic targets, while Prince Tatsu favors more "modern" attacks against military targets. While they have heated arguments during the cutscenes, neither turns on the other, and both ultimately come to see the value in the other's viewpoint.


Western Animation
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