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Nonstandard Geographic Directions
Worlds that don't have the same cardinal directions as ours.
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Occasionally in fantastic works, the cardinal directions are replaced by new directions. Most often, this is a result of the world not functioning like our maps.

For the most part, no matter what a work of fiction calls money, animals, languages, cardinal directions on a Fantasy World Map are always still North, East, South, and West.


  • In Discworld the cardinal directions are Hubwards (towards the center), Rimwards (towards the edge), Turnwise (the direction the disc rotates), and Widdershins (against the disc's rotation).
  • Directions on the Ringworld are spinward (towards the rotation of the ring), starboard, antispinward, and port.
  • The Star Wars Expanded Universe uses a 3D coordinate system for hyperspace navigation, with (0,0,0), colloquially "Triple Zero," being the Coruscant System. This is about as arbitrary as the assignment of north and south on planets, since Coruscant isn't at the geographical center of the galaxy.
  • Classic Traveller, Supplement 8: Library Data (A-M). The Third Imperium uses four directions for interstellar travel. Rimward is toward the outer rim of the galaxy, and Coreward is toward the center of the galaxy. Spinward is in the direction which the galaxy is spinning (similar to "clockwise"), and Trailing is the opposite direction. These are used in names as well: the most Spinward section of the Third Imperium is called the Spinward Marches, and there's an interstellar transport company called Rimward Lines.
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