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Capitalising Key Words
In a work title, the important words will start with a capital letter but small words won't.
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Alternately, "Key Words are Capitalised".

There's a trend to, in a title, capitalise three types of word.

  1. The first word, to make it look like a sentence.
  2. Any which are normally capitalised, such as character names.
  3. Other words deemed important -- this trope.

This means that small connecter words don't stand out when someone reads the title, making it smoother. However, the important ones are eye-catching and distinguish a work's title from normal text. If a small word does use upper-case, it's often a hint that the word is significant after all.

We like to do this on the wiki. Use the title customiser to make a Wiki Word word lower-case.

See also CamelCase and all lowercase letters. Capital Letters Are Magic can be an In-Universe version. If there's a Title Drop in the work, it will use normal capitalisation patterns rather than this.

This is an Omnipresent Trope and thus too common for examples.
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