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The War To End All Wars

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Any war described in universe as being final, whether or not it actually is. May come under different names, but they are all clearly intended to end the current conflict and prevent future conflict in one fell swoop.

  • Frank Herbert's Dune series. Children of Dune mentions Kralizec: in the oldest Fremen beliefs it is the Typhoon Struggle, the war at the end of the universe.
  • Honorverse. Another non final Final War.
  • The Last Battle in Narnia
  • The Prophecy of the Stones seems to be leading up to a Final War but the ending reminds us that evil cannot be permanently defeated.
In Mark S Geston's novel Out of the Mouth of the Dragon armies are constantly battling to determine whether good or evil will ultimately triumph. To everybody's dismay, however, none of the battles are ever final or decisive, and the world ends with a protracted whimper.

Real Life
  • Ragnarok was expected by the Norse to be the final battle between the gods and their opponents (the giants, Fenrir, etc.)
  • WW1 was said to be this by some. Obviously, not quite.
  • Armageddon of Christian mythology.

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