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Horse Lords

A nation of master horsemen,

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The horse was an important domesticated animal in many parts of the world. The Horse Lords are a nation or tribe for which horses are not merely important, but supremely important. Furthermore, the relationship they have with horses is virtually a defining characteristic of their culture.

Some other traits of Horse Lords:

  • The horse is the major, or only, domesticated animal they have.
  • They are known, even among outsiders, for producing the best horses.

  • They have a nomadic lifestyle. This brings with it a shortage of workable metal and other material resources. Peaceful Horse Lords
make up for this by trading with their neighbors. Aggressive Horse Lords just take what they want which may include slaves.

  • Horse Lords are fierce warriors. They may prefer the bow to the sword, especially if they are nomadic. Nomadic Horse Lords go into combat unarmored.

  • A psychic bond with their horses.


  • The horse clan of the Marat in the Codex Alera.
  • From A Song of Ice and Fire, the Dothraki.
In the novels of Deverry, the Horsekin are agressive, slaving warriors with psychic bonds to horses. The Westfolk are gentle by comparison, and raise the best horseflesh a Deverry lord could ever hope to own.
  • In The Lord of the Rings, the people of Rohan are the greatest horsemen of Middle Earth, and even called "horse-lords" in the text.
are known for their horses. Even the Dark Lord Sauron took tribute from them in the form of horses. Not nomads, but the only cavalry in the story, IIRC.

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